La Bucherie

La Bucherie La Bucherie 3 recommandations - toute la semaine happy hour de 17h00 a 21h00 - dj residant le vendredi soir et le samedi soir a partir de ooh

41 rue de la Bucherie
75005 Paris


Conseil Allomatch : appelez le bar pour vous assurer que le match sera bien diffusé ! + d'infos ici

Services :

5 écrans  x5   Wifi    Réservation possible   

Places assises : 100

Capacité max. : 130

Important :

D'après nos informations, La Bucherie ne diffuse pas de matchs

Cependant, il n'est pas membre d'Allomatch, nous ne pouvons donc pas garantir l'exactitude des informations.

Si une information n'est pas exacte, si La Bucherie n'existe plus ou si, à présent, il diffuse des matches, cliquez ici :

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- toute la semaine happy hour de 17h00 a 21h00 - dj residant le vendredi soir et le samedi soir a partir de ooh

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chriswaddle'smullet , le 17 juin à 01:19

It is my great pleasure to inform the users of Allomatch that La Bucherie is run by a bunch of absolute twats who clearly have no interest in football whatsoever. Despite advertising the fact that they were showing the Italy v Serbia game from the Under-21 European Championships on this very website, when I turned up to watch the match I was greeted with looks of utter bewilderment from the three unapologetically sour-faced members of staff I encountered. The first bloke I spoke to even went as far as to tell me that they didn't even have a TV, despite the fact I could see two enormous widescreens over his shoulder while he was talking to me. He, at least, had the decency to engage me in conversation, whereas the pony-tailed pillock I took to be the manager brushed past me with a brusque 'Non' when I had the temerity to ask if they were showing the game. They proudly display an Allomatch sticker on their door, but when I mentioned it to them they looked at me as if I'd started speaking in Swahili. Don't waste your time on this place. I wouldn't buy a drink there if I was dying of thirst.