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Bar Des Sports Bar Des Sports

59550 Landrecies

Téléphoner 03 66 32 04 65

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Broadcast sports:

Football Rugby Tennis Basketball Handball Volley-Ball

Supported teams:

RC Lens B. Dortmund France Bayern Munich Atletico Madrid Real Madrid FC Barcelona Juventus Turin Manchester City Arsenal Manchester United Chelsea PSG Monaco Lyon LOSC Lille


1 screens  x1   Wifi    Restaurant    Réservation possible   

Seats: 70

Max capacity: 120

Tuesday - Wednesday

08:00  -  23:00


08:00  -  17:30

Friday - Saturday

08:00  -  23:00
Closed on Monday and Sunday
Fiabilité indeterminée
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Games shown by the bar
from Saturday 1 October to Friday 7 October
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Saturday 1 October
Football • Ligue 1
Football • Ligue 1
Friday 7 October
Football • Qualifications Coupe du Monde
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