Frequently Asked Questions

written by Benoît

1.     What is Allomatch?


Allomatch provides a new service that allows you to find where to watch the sport event you want to see.



2.   How do you know what matches the bars are going to show?


The sport program is determined by barmen themselves, thanks to an dedicated interface.



3.   How can you be sure that the bar will show the match?


To encourage bars to respect their program, we set up a reliability grade. This way you can see which are the most reliable bars in the list by looking at the number of stars they have on the match map.') ?>

It's simple: every time a bar doesn't show a game in its program, we remove a star.


We advise you to call the bars that have lost stars before you go, to make sure there won't be any bad surprise.



4.   What is the Allomatch phone number?


Just like our Website, the Allomatch phone number allows you to access the list of bars showing the match of your choice. First you choose the match then you just have to follow the instructions to get to the bar you selected.


Ce service est complémentaire d'Internet et permet de trouver où voir le match même lorsqu'on est dans la rue ou que l'on a pas accès à Internet.



5.   I know a bar not far from here but it is not on Allomatch, what can I do?


Il faut nous contacter ! Nous vous communiquerons la marche à suivre, avec un cadeau à la clé ;-) Allez sur la page Contact sans plus tarder !




6.   What cities are covered by Allomatch?


For now, Allomatch has members in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Strasbourg, Lille, Amiens and Toulouse. We're working on getting more members from all around France.



7.    What do the "sound" and "team" icons by the name of the bars mean?


When you select a match, you may find "sound" and "team" icons located by the name of the bars. They tell you if the bar will show the match with sound and if the place is supporting a team, represented by the team icon.




8.   Why don't you mention the TV channels?


Channel information is not reliable enough, so we prefer not to show channels for now.

Though we soon we hope we can offer a compete TV program.



9.   Pourquoi ne proposez-vous pas tous les matches de mon équipe préférée ?


The sport program on Allomatch is made by the bars. If the match of your favorite team is not listed, that's unfortunately because none of our members chose to show it.


However you can send us feedback. We can then send your remarks to our members.



10.  How can I display the program of my favorite bar only?


Search for the bar page in the "Directory" section of the site. Once there you will see the sport program of this bar.



11.How can I have the sport program of my favorite bar on my own site or custom page?


Go to the page of the bar. You will find various links to RSS feeds, to add to your iGoogle, or Netvibes or MyYahoo! page.



12.  What is the Allomatch Widget?


The Allomatch Widget allows webmatsers to include the sport program on their own Website.


Cet outil permet de concentrer l'essentiel du service Allomatch facilement intégrable à votre site.